• Jim Jenner Digital Film Collection

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    OVER 39 HOURS of award-winning documentary and instructions films. Buy this online collection and you enjoy every pigeon film Jim Jenner has created since 1990! Absolutely our best value.

    17 Movies - More than 130 CHAPTERS - Unlimited access from your phone/tablet/smart TV or computer.

  • Secrets of Champions Digital Collection

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    Secrets of Champions I - The Foundation of Victory

    • Creating a Foundation Family
    • The Secret of “The Throat”
    • Great birds at good prices
    • The greatest mistakes fanciers make
    [One DVD - 2 Hrs 12 Min]

    Secrets of Champions II - Breeding, Feedi...

  • The Dark & The Light

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    Like the legs of a race horse, the wings of a racing pigeon are vital to its performance. But each year nature tells a pigeon to change all its feathers and grow new wing flights.

    The goal of any pigeon trainer is to make sure that this feather growth does not affect his bird's aerodynamic int...

  • Secrets of Champions VII: Life in the Fast Lane

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    Jim Jenner's newest film, Secrets of Champions VII: "Life in the Fast Lane" documents the people and pigeons who take part in the largest, most competitive club in the Americas, the Gulfcoast Homing Club [GHC] in Spring Hill, Florida. In two visits and weeks of filming, Jenner captures the loft...

  • Pigeon Films Sampler

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    If you haven't seen Jim Jenner's films here are few chapters to see. Included are selected stories from Secrets of Champions 1,2,3,4,5 & 7 as well as a short piece on Ad Schaerlaeckens. You'll want to rent or buy more in this award-winning series of pigeon films.

  • Young Wings

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    The power of pigeons to change people’s lives.

    Jim’s highly acclaimed documentary shows the remarkable emotional and academic benefits domestic pigeons bring to modern society, and how they can solve the epidemic of what’s called “Nature Deficit Disorder. Filmed in the United States and Europ...

  • Schaerlaeckens

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    He's been called "The King of Orleans" for his three, first-place finishes in what was arguably the world's biggest pigeon race. But Ad Schaerlaeckens is more than Holland's greatest pigeon trainer. For decades he has been the hobby's leading writer, using his sharp mind to analyze how certain fa...

  • Secrets of Champions I - The Foundation of Victory

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    "Secrets of Champions - The Foundation of Victory". Winners come and go, but a handful of pigeon fanciers magically win for decades. How do these great trainers stay on top in the toughest competition in the world? Filmed in Holland, Belgium, Ireland, England & the USA and featuring some of the w...

  • Secrets of Champions II - Breeding, Feeding & Old Bird Racing

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    Breeding, Feeding & Old Bird Racing

    Following his best-selling "Secrets of Champions", Jim Jenner is on the road again to help you learn more from some of the pigeon sports most consistent winners. Filmed in Belgium, Holland, Ireland and England this all-new program lets you in on what the cha...

  • Secrets of Champions III - Young Bird Racing

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    Young Bird Racing

    "THE CREAM OF THE CROP!" British Homing World - Dec. 2007

    What does it take to be competitive in modern young bird racing? That's the subject Jim Jenner explores as he visits some of the world's best pigeon racers. Nothing in the sport has changed as much as the competitio...

  • Secrets of Champions VI: "To Boldly Go"

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    In this all-new film Jim proves the central message of his award-winning Secrets of Champions series ... that there are many undiscovered stars in the pigeon racing universe.

    Jim "boldly goes" on a search for these stars in corners of the sport where others seldom tread.

    In the summer of 20...

  • Secrets of Champions V: Many Roads to Victory

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    Jim Jenner visits more than three dozen top lofts in this documentary on pigeon racing. You'll enjoy this DOUBLE-DVD set that is all new for 2011. Packed with information you will enjoy again and again. "Secrets V" features profiles of dozens of top trainers talking about feeding, motivation and ...

  • Secrets of Champions IV - Winning Lofts - The Inside Stories

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    What does it take to construct the perfect racing pigeon loft? Why do champion trainers say that excellent pigeons in a bad loft will seldom, if ever, win races? Why do pigeons from humble housing often crush excellent birds from huge palatial pigeon lofts? Those are the questions award-winning f...

  • MOTIVATION – Best of Secrets of Champions

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    A selection of the best chapters on MOTIVATING RACING PIGEONS taken from the award-winning "Secrets of Champions" DVD series.

    Chapters Include:

    "The Bond" Creating a loft environment that stimulates top performance.
    "Ladies First" The rise of hens in OB racing and new methods with them...

  • FEEDING – Best of Secrets of Champions

    9 videos  |   Rent $6.99   |   Buy $14.99

    A selection of the best chapters on FEEDING taken from the award-winning "Secrets of Champions" DVD series.

    Chapters Include:
    "Fuel" How feed mixtures, grain choices and quantities have changed today.
    "True Grit" The most overlooked element in the loft.
    "The Right Start" Weaning and the ...

  • Marathon In the Sky

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    MARATHON IN THE SKY: Critic’s choice as the finest film ever made on pigeons. Marathon In the Sky is a thrilling documentary on the evolution of homing pigeons from vital military messengers to today’s thoroughbred racers. Filmed throughout Europe and North America with stunning aerial photograph...

  • Oldest Feathered Friend

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    OLDEST FEATHERED FRIEND: Our gold medal award winner on the world of pigeons. Oldest Feathered Friend documents the many areas in which pigeons have affected human history. It includes eleven chapters that chronicle the evolution of the pigeon, and specifically the Rock Dove, as our oldest domes...

  • Share The Blue Sky

    3 videos  |   Rent $6.99   |   Buy $14.99

    Award-winning Writer/Director Jim Jenner takes you on a fascinating journey through the world of the pigeons and doves. "Share the Blue Sky" is the longest, most comprehensive documentary ever made on this family of birds, long recognized as mankind's oldest feathered friend. Filmed on five conti...

  • The Queen's Wings

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    Take home the newest chapter in Jim Jenner's narrative on the bird of peace. Take a trip through over a hundred years of royal racing history, and meet many of England's modern champions. The Queen's Wings is an intriguing tale of 1 starting gate and 700 finish lines---a jubilee of wings.

    Jim ...

  • Best of British II

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    In the mid-80's Britain's Geoff Kirkland and Frank Tasker were the men to beat in long distance and middle distance old bird pigeon racing. Week after week their pigeons and methods had them at the top of the pigeon racing result sheet. What most pigeon fanciers didn’t realize was that Geoff Kirk...

  • Secretos de Campeones Siete: Vivir en el carril del Alta Velocidad

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    La película más reciente de Jim Jenner, Secretos de los Campeones VII: "La vida en la vía rápida" documenta a las personas y palomas que participan en el club más grande y competitivo de América, el Gulfcoast Homing Club [GHC] en Spring Hill, Florida. En dos visitas y semanas de filmación, Jenner...